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Ceylon Freight & Logistics Association

The Ceylon Freight Forwarders Association (CEYFFA) serves as the voice of the Freight Forwarding Industry. Founded in 2013 the CEYFFA is dedicated to helping members of the freight industry to flourish as they strive to achieve their objectives in a thriving global marketplace and fast-paced world cargo network. CEYFFA is a platform for professionals in Logistics to network and currently represented most of the registered freight forwarders who are in to sea and air freight forwarding.

To keep abreast with the developments in the international arena, the Association achieves its goals by monitoring relevant cercial and governmental activities and facilitating discussions of their impact on the international trade community. Additionally, the association holds seminars, formulates policy views, and conducts public relations and public affairs activities. 

Sri Lanka

How strategic is Sri Lanka?

Trans-shipment hub

If China is the new Portugal or Holland, it covets Sri Lanka for its geography, not its cinnamon. The island represents an ideal trans-shipment hub for Chinese goods branching off to Africa, the Arab states of the Gulf Cooperation Council such as Saudi Arabia, India and of course: Iran.

America now views Sri Lanka as increasingly strategic — mostly because China does. The paradox of such competition is that it is precisely in the countries viewed as most strategic by multiple powers that one can least impose one’s values.

Chairman’s Message

I am delighted to send this message on the occasion of launching of CEYFFA website which is the  need of the hour. CEYFFA was incorporated in 2013 amidst many issues, mainly to cater to the needs of the small and medium scale freight and logistics operators in our country as there was no representation  in any of the forums to raise the voice of the voiceless. Since then this primary objective is being achieved…


CEYFFA acts as a catalyst in the freight forwarding and logistics industry to support the companies with similar interest with a platform for professionals to network and to promote common business interests through friendly and fraternal cooperation. The purpose of CEYFFA was to foster and encourage the international commerce and distribution of goods by air, ocean and inland transportation.

Our Objectives

The Key Objectives of CEYFFA is to attain high standards of professional conduct within the Forwarding Industry while facilitating the development of more efficient Freight Forwarding services and maintain & expand consultative relationships with various relevant Government authorities. We source and provide an increasing range of relevant services and benefits to our membership.


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